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Our wide selection of innovative dog doors will withstand extreme weather while maintaining an attractive appearance with flaps that won’t crack or discolor and seals that stay air-tight. High Tech Pet is the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic dog doors. In addition, we have put together a huge selection of superior quality doggie doors manufactured by the most skilled manufacturers in the pet door industry. These dog and cat doors are carefully selected for quality and durability as well as quick, easy installation in wood and metal doors and walls. We have a wide selection of pet doors for sliding glass doors, patio doors, French doors, storm doors, screen doors, garage doors and even windows. To find out what makes our pet doors the best made and best value for your money.

There are real differences in the way the flap seals to the frame. The doggy doors for purchase on this website represent the best engineered and best manufactured dog doors on the planet. They are made by High Tech Pet and our friends at Ideal Pet Products and Patio Pacific, aka Petdoors. These dog doors give you the best value available and feature heavy-duty flaps that are well sealed against air drafts and won’t crack or yellow. The high strength thermoplastic and aluminum frames are rugged and durable and will withstand the harshest cold, heat, rain, snow and «ruff» weather. These doggy doors are designed for do it yourself installation in just a few simple steps. We offer guaranteed lowest pricing, same day shipping on most items, a full one year warranty and the best, most knowledgeable and helpful customer care specialists in the business.

Just a few of the many example include the Endura flap made by Patio Pacific. This is the best thermally sealed doggie door flap made. It is segmented for both strength and flexibility and contains an air gap within the flap itself for superior insulation. The VIP sliding glass patio pet door inserts made by Ideal Pet Products are heavy duty inserts for vinyl sliding glass patio doors featuring dual pane, energy efficient glass and heavy-duty vinyl frames. We have purposely excluded dog doors manufactured by Petsafe, Johnson, Hale, Plexidor, Pet Doors USA, Staywell, Dog Mate and others. These brands may be fine for some installations but, if you select a doggie door here, you will be assured that you are buying the best pet door of its kind at the best value anywhere.

High Tech Pet doors are offered online by nearly major pet retailer including The Home depot, Lowes, Petsmart, Petco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, drsfostersmith and many others. We encourage you to purchase from these fine merchants. High Tech Pet you will be receive direct, personal factory support from the world’s foremost pet door experts. From a small dog door for your little Chihuahua or a super large door for your horse-size Saint Bernard, we have the size you need. If you’re looking for a simple cat door or the ultimate Power Pet Fully Automatic Motorized Electric Pet door, whether you live in a 10,000 square foot mansion or a small apartment, you have just found the ideal place to purchase the right pet door to perfectly fit your needs. PX-1 POWER PET DOOR, World’s Most Popular Fully Automatic, Motor Driven Door. PX-2 POWER PET DOOR, World’s Most Popular Fully Automatic, Motor Driven Door.

Copyright 2015 by High Tech Pet Products, Inc. No part of this website may be copied or reproduced without written permission. High Tech Pet, Power Pet, Humane Contain, Bark Terminator and Bluefang are registered tradedmarks of High Tech Pet Products, Inc. DYI Home Installation in Doors, Walls, Sliding Glass Patio Doors. Who Let the Dog’s Out? High Tech Pet manufactures the best pet doors on Earth. Acclaimed best in countless pet door reviews, our dog doors and cat doors are built for quality, durability, reliability and excellent performance.

Here you will find the ideal variety of dog doors, cat doors, patio pet doors, automatic and electronic pet doors, pet screen doors and every other imaginable door for your doggie or kitty. The doors offered on our website are either manufactured by our company, here in the USA or provided by one of a few very select hand-picked pet door manufacturers. There are countless other websites that offer products made by everyone and his dog. High Tech Pet Store is different. We’ve made sure we have a product to meet every conceivable need by offering the highest quality pet doors manufactured by our company or manufactured to our exact specifications by the highest quality pet door makers in the world. But, we’ve purposely excluded the products that have received the highest number of failures and customer complaints.

Note that we do not carry Johnson, Petsafe Freedom Door, Plexidor, Hale, Staywell or Solo automatic pet doors as we have carefully evaluated these brands and found them to be below the standard of excellence our exceedingly discriminating customers expect. Ideal Fast Fit Pet doors. These products are of superlative quality coupled with a long track record of customer performance. We invite you to shop and compare quality and features. We guarantee that you will find the best values by far in the very wide selection which we are pleased to present to you below. You will find the pet door you need right here. Installation options include door mounted pet doors, wall mounted pet doors, as well as window sash mounts, even doors for dog kennels. Finding the perfect size is easy. All of our products come with simple, easy to understand, step by step instructions on how to install a pet door. You’ll be surprised how quick, easy our pet doors are to install. We also feature our all new E-Glass, heavy duty, energy efficient patio panels with «Low-e» energy saving dual pane glass that provides superior thermal insulation helping to keep your home nice and cool in the summer and toasty warm in winter. If you need a pet door for extreme weather or require superior draft resistance, we offer the Ideal double flap «Ruff Weather» door, the product that sets the industry standard for harsh weather pet doors. We also offer the Patio Pacific Endura flap door, an innovative design that provides excellent wind and weather resistance with an extremely durable, well insulated flap. Add to that our pet doors for screen doors and our complete line of kennel doors and you’ll agree that High Tech Pet offers the best and widest selection of pet doors on the planet!

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