Popular male kitten names 2016

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We decided to have a naming theme with our cats where their middle names would be from musicians or bands we liked. I had two cats a long time ago. I had a black cat named Forte and a white cat named Fine. I also had two dogs named Jazz and Lyric. We have a Brussels Griffon named Georgie Girl. I’ve added them to the list!

Kurt, so we thought it was suitable. Our dog’s name is Mambo from the Mambo Italiano song. Our cat is Mamamia from the musical. Cassy, Mambo and Mama Mia are both great additions to the list! I can’t believe I missed that! Urban is a great name for this list, Rachel! Just adopted a new pup, working on it now.

I’m raising a litter of abandoned kittens and decided to theme them after some of my favorite singers. We have Dolly Purrton as the girl. Johnny Cats as one of the boys. Fun and creative names, Brittany! I have a Suzy Q. I just got a puppy I need a cute name for her.

I had a Labrador and st. Thanks Jesse, I added both Nikki and Sixx. My little girl just passed away and came to me 12 years ago already named. Although after looking through the list, I love Joplin as well! We are adopting another dog and are thinking of Abba or Joss for her! Both Abba and Joss are great names!

There is so much inspiration and connection to be found in naming our pets after our musical influences! I had a beautiful black and white cat named Figaro, after the opera and also the same name as the cat from Pinocchio. I’m sorry for your loss, Stephanie. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our little babies! Figaro is also a great name and I’ve added to the list! Also my golden retriever’s name is Tango.

Love and added both, Stephanie! I especially love Treble, and the play on the word trouble, for pet owners who are also musicians! We are trying to think of one for our newest puppy. I love Penny Lane and Maggie Mae. I founded Pawsitively Texas in honor of. She was a simply amazing little friend. Click here to cancel reply. Support Animal Rescue — Buy a Tee! Professionally designed web graphics to share for animal advocacy. Photos and stories about Alva’s rescued dogs and foster dogs. People often feel there is nothing they can do to make a difference to help save more animals. Be inspired by these stories of animal volunteers that are truly making a difference in their community. Animal Welfare Advocacy Tips: videos and resources to help advocate for animal shelter and homeless pets in your community. A collection of best practices for animal shelters and animal rescue groups.

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