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A Eurasian Herb with aromatic seeds. It is mixed with so many kinds of food. An Indian province that is famous for its fine black tea. Baa-baa black sheep, have you any wool. Does your dog love stealing your food?

This name would just be perfect. If your dog looks more like a black bear than a dog, this name would be perfect. Also, a type of whale. Great name if you love this card game. Or generally just a lover of any card games. There is no other name more logical than this for a black dog. This is one of my favorite black dog names because my neighbor had a sweet Black Lab named Blacky.

Fitting if the puppy’s father is also black. The product of faulty use of fire or heat. Another favorite on the black dog names list as my wife is of Czech heritage. Do you love to BBQ? This is a fitting name for black dogs. You may not think this belongs on the black dog names list, but remember cherry comes in a dark color. Think black cherry ice cream.

A plant whose root is roasted and ground to make for a substitue for coffee. Or the one used in computers and other electronics. For owners who are lovers of deliciously bitter black coffee. Love this world-famous black and refreshing drink? Give this name to your dog! For the elegant and sophisticated dog, like Corbin Bernsen.

A black, loud and scary bird. Fans of Star Wars represent! This is a perfect name if your dog has patches of white in his black fur. A celestial body obscuring the light of another celestial body, as in a solar eclipse. The only black ball in billiards. Pertaining to practically anything that is dark and broody and even scary.

A seasoned Hungarian soup or stew of meat and vegetables. The bear that is terrifying in real life but cute as stuffed toys and dogs. Perfect name for a pretty and dainty female black dog. Why is this on the black dog names list? French artist known for his use of the color black. Plus, I think the name is really cool!

Not a big fan of Coke? That black circular thingy in hockey that all the players chase after. As in, the large black bird. Evil creature from the movies. If your dog just as evil? The shadow that sunlight makes under trees and roofs. See this suit in your player cards? That time of the day when daytime and nighttime seemingly competes. Perfect for dogs with fur with similar feel to that of velvet. Can’t find the name you like on the Black Lab Dog Names list? If you have a great name, tell us about it! Share your favorite Dog Names!

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