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It is difficult to classify by exact weight what constitutes a cat that has been miniaturized or indeed a Teacup cat. They are not necessarrily a breed of cat. They are only available, it seems, in the USA. They have been bred through progressive downsizing since the ’80s.

The cat that you adopt from a breeder will be selectively bred as mentioned above. However, in addition to selective breeding to create a very small cat, there are other influences that can create a very small cat. The genetic mutation for a miniature cat can be introduced into any breed. Even where it is not advantageous to be small, cats through lack of food at an early stage can suffer from stunted growth. Sometimes miniaturization can occur spontaneously, in a generation, by the mutation of a gene which dictates size. This is because the Singapura is naturally a small cat and is in fact the smallest cat in the cat fancy.

An adult Singapura male weighs about 6lbs and the female about 4lbs. Dwarf cats have the dwarfism gene while miniatures don’t. Dwarf cats are normal sized except for their legs. They become adults like any other cat. It is not their mentality that makes them miniature but their physical size. What are the considerations in buying such a small cat?

Because the breeding of miniature cats is not an exact science purchasers may on occasion be dissatisfied. Normally, a deposit will be payable. If you reserve a kitten their mature size may be different to that expected. Helen Krasnitchenko for many years. They are fully in proportion and healthy. The current position regarding this breed is not fully known.

2002 due to health problems. Breeding females should be of sufficient size to accommodate, at birth, the eventuality that their offspring may be normal size. The criteria for this cat helps in deciding what is a miniature cat. As mentioned in other pages of this website it is sensible to have your vet do the health checks. If there is no contract I would be inclined to insist on one being drawn up. This is an expensive transaction that requires some thought.

And the outcome has a degree of uncertainty. Most important of all though are your thoughts about your new companion. I am sure that provided you select a reputable breeder any anxieties that you might have will be dealt with. If you are searching for a breeder please try Pocket Kittys was the premier breeder but are no longer trading as far as I am aware. You might visit the Dwarf Cat Association website and start there. Toybobs are a miniature cat hailing from Russia. They are a miniature Siamese with a bobtail!

You might have a polydactyl miniature cat! It is normal for some cats to be small. She appears to be just fine and a healthy kitten so all is well. I find someone who is breeding miniature cats? Breeders of miniature cats are very rare it seems. Pocket Kitties were prominent and now closed. I am not sure you will find one and I am not sure you should adopt a miniature cat because some breeders might tend to over bred to the detriment of the cat’s health. I don’t know but I would bet that some miniature cats are unhealthy because they are bred unnaturally small. Good luck though and sorry I can’t help more. You won’t find a miniature cat in Lahore or probably anywhere in Asia. They are rare in America and America is where there are the most purebred cats etc. Sorry for the bad news. Hello, my kitten Hugo is very large. Hugo looks as though he could have been one of the members of the litter before his, he is around five months old.

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