How much is cat litter

I had the old version of cat genie. Needless to say i have to look up the directions as it is not just one button like you can press to run the cycle. WOOD PELLETS which are about half the price of litter at leastuse those siftable litter boxes. Be careful about melting plastic — so toxic with heat. It would be safer to just buy the darn pellets, even though recycling sounds clever.

My first thought is I don’t want to be the guy washing the litter. I’ve never heard of washable cat litter. I would just double check that your plastic won’t be toxic to the kitties when they walk on it or to you when you melt it. I would think the plastics approved for food storage would be OK, but I wonder if the melting process might release toxins. Cat Genie» uses a plastic, washable granule. 5, all the better, but if i can recycle something i am going to have on hand anyway, i think that would be incredible. I wanted to do an instructable with this and also using bifold door in patio door for cat or dog doors, it works well and is hundreds cheaper than the store bought dog doors for patiosi have the photos, just have to get the time!

I have a HEPA air filter running near the litter boxes, but that only diminshes the problem slightly. Thanks for futhering the body of research into reducing kitty litter dust! Maybe try moving the filter closer to the boxes or make it suck more air. Or just use dustless litter. I’ve found compressed pine pellets that I use as litter. No dust to speak of, it’s odor controlling and when my cat kicks out the pellets while scratching in his box, they’re easily swept up. It’s no more expensive than traditional clay litter and FAR more easily managed.

I’ve seen it at pet stores under the name Feline Pine. But I love sniffing fresh brand new litter dust! In that case rig some tubing to from your vacuum to an old oxygen mask and you can drive the dust right up into your sinuses. Now that would be an Instructable! I was wondering if anyone knows how to MAKE kitty litter, out of newspaper, perhaps? Have lots of newspaper, and litter is getting pricey. Sometimes clumping litter is cheaper by the box, but I prefer the big buckets to avoid the dust problem.

If I buy a box of litter I take it outdoors and pour it into an empty bucket. I use a large plastic whipped topping bowl as a scoop and gently add it to the litter in the litter box. I have very little or no dust that way. I use a scoop from the dollar store and I place it close to the litter before pouring. That way I get no dust and I do not have to keep grabbing a vacuum to top off the litter. It’s intended as bedding for horse stalls. It comes in a bale-size sturdy plastic bag.

It lasts a long time! A bit heavy for me to unload, so I end-over-end it to the shed. But for you younger folk that won’t be an issue. That sounds like a good solution. Now the trick would be convincing the cat to use it! It’s cheap, we can change it often.

Frequently changed litter is essential of course. If you can afford it, sprinkle bottom of litterbox generously with bicarbonate of soda. Be careful with any scented litter, especially pine. Many, which includes all of mine, don’t like the smell. There is also some research indicating that pine isn’t good for cats. So just be careful when you suddenly change the type litter or they won’t use it or could become ill from it. Even though you’ve taken away some of the initial dust with the vacuum, there will still be dust when the cats dig around to use it. I’d recommend trying some other brands with less dust. There are usually good sales at Target on Tidy Cat, which is way less dusty than Fresh Step. That brand has no dust at all. A great idea and easy to do. I will pass this on to my sister who is a Oriental Cat Breeder! Glad you found it useful.

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