Eliminate old cat urine odor

My oldest cat, only a year, peed on her sofa because she was scared to get down to use the litter box. My friend has 2 dogs. I tried Febreze and it didn’t work so I went to the store and bought special «cat odor and stain remover spray». I have scrubbed the couch twice with no success.

She has a reclining sofa so I can’t take the sofa apart to wash them. I feel horrible because my cats never did that at my house! It sounds like you may have tried this already, but when my cat was a wee kitten, he had a little pee accident on the couch. I immediately soaked up what I could, soaked the area with an enzymatic cleaner, and tried to pull up as much moisture as I could with the carpet cleaner. I did this a couple times. My cats seemed kind of interested while it was drying, so I sprayed the area with the enzymatic cleaner again after it dried.

I haven’t had any problems since then. Did you get to the accident while it was fresh? I really saturated the area, to get at all of the urine residue. It might take a few tries to get good results. You are going to have to soak the couch cushion and wherever the pee went. Important, first check for colorfastness on a hidden area of the couch.

Don’t think it is going to work. Best plan on replacing her couch. Cats have hormone sprays which they do in indication of what is going on. Fear, Dominance, Anger, etc all have different scents. Not meant to come off easily, if ever. Not getting it clean means her house will stink, her dogs will continuously be upset by the cat smell as well. The dominate animals in the host house are the dogs.

It was not up to the host to hide or detain them from their normal living pattern. Your homeowners insurance should cover it, Not the hosts. It should replace the item destroyed by the cat pee. Using chemical after chemical on the main furniture piece of the house is not good or healthy for those living there. I am sure that something will work. 1000 on a new couch over one cat accident. I refuse to believe that there is not something that will work.

One thing that you might do is phone the SPCA or other animal shelter or a vet’s office and ask them what they use to remove urine odor. I am assuming that the cat urine soaked into the foam, and you have to get you enzymatic cleaner down into that to do any good. Our dog got skunked in the face, and you know how difficult it is to get that smell out, even after bathing him with «skunk formula» items. I rubbed a little bit of Zero Odor on my hands and rubbed it on his fur and I’m not kidding, the smell was completely gone. Try Zero Odor before you buy a new couch. There’s a terrific product that only costs a dollar. You can buy it at Dollar Tree and at Family Dollar stores.

It’s called «LA’s Totally Awesome. I’ve tried expensive stuff that doesn’t work, and this cheap stuff actually does! We have 2 cats and we smell cat pee on our brand new suede couch. What product really works getting rid of the smell? Or do we hire professionals for deep cleaning? Will the cats just keep peeing there as this is the 2nd time? The cats are gone, but the couch still reeks of cat urine. I can still smell it. I’m to the point where I just want to pour the bottle onto the cushion and get it soaking wet, but I don’t know if that’s how it should be used. I just want my apartment to stop smelling like cat pee.

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