Cats best oko plus litter review

Please flush using plenty of water! Clumps should be deposited in the toilet one by one and given plenty of time to individually dissolve before flushing. Disposal can be made even easier by lightly crushing clumps with a litter scoop to make them smaller. Only one clump should be deposited in the toilet at a time. Allowing the water to fully dissolve the clumps will ensure that the process is simple, clean and hygienic. Using the household toilet is not recommended for the disposal of an entire tray of cat litter. In this case, please refer to your local waste disposal regulations — organic waste, compost or normal household waste!

Return to Cat’s Best cat litter overview. Due back in stock approx. Ragdoll cross, which does stick to he’s furr and gets it all over the floor which have always having to clean up, was thinking about changing this litter, but as this is good litter I will still be using it, as it’s cheaper than other cat litter. However, I have found this wonderful. I am buying it again. The clumping is great, smells are almost completely abated, and it lasts a long time. 4 of my 5 cats use it without issue.

The 5th is a bit special, so it’s not the litters fault. Been using this for years now but the last few purchases have been really disappointing. Very find sawdust particles within the larger particles is to be expected but ive practically had 2 large litter trays of predominantly the sawdust stuff. Doesnt seem to like clumping any more either. This is our first cat Russian Blue we have used this litter for a year now. I get the 30ltr bag or the 40 with the 20 combined.

It’s cheap and lasts well with no smell. Yes it tracks a little but it clumps very well. I lift out wee clumps and poo every night before bed and complete change every two weeks. It is a bit dusty sometimes but if you drop from height outside the wind blows the dust away. Will continue to use this great product. This is a great product. Not only is it eco-friendly and all natural, but it is also very economical.

My first 30 litre bag has lasted more than 4 weeks already, because you don’t need to clear out the whole tray after your cat has used it. Will definitely continue to buy this product and can wholeheartedly recommend it. I’ve only used two types of litter, clay and this one. It made me realise how little mess this one actually makes in comparison. 4 weeks as it does indeed stay fresh and it lasts. I’ve had my large bag for 8 weeks now and I’ve still got a quarter left.

The litter itself was brilliant but had to stop using it after only 2 days as it set into my Ragdolls fur. His lovely belly fuzz was covered and it set in there like concrete, so He wasn’t best pleased when we had to cut it alll out! I used to love this litter and put up with the tracking because the odour control was excellent and it was very economical. Unfortunately the last two bags I got don’t seem to be as good. The odour control hasn’t been a good which I think is because it’s not clumping as well and turning to sawdust very quickly. I have an XL tray and when your having to empty and refill such a big tray every week it gets costly!

I hope you fix so I can come back to this brand! Get rid of the smell really good and I prefer plant based cat litter. However it tracks a lot and doesn’t clump properly which become really messy when I try to scoop out my cat urine. It is really wired that the clumping power is more powerful for the 10l bag and the 40l bag is not that good. I used this for several years until it changed around 2010 or thereabouts and there were complaints popping up on reviews. I am hoping it is just a bad batch but not buying it again as it is terrible. Bought for years, very good! Bought the 40 litre version for our 2 kittens as we live 3 floors up and carrying bags of litter up those stairs every week is a no no! The 40 litre lasts us about 3 months, changing it weekly. Never smells unless I’m a little late with changing it.

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