Cat lying down flicking tail

The room was divided by an alcove. Felicia was standing in the part with the kitchenette and the television set. The bed was in the other section, barely visible in the darkness. At first, Felicia thought she was alone. Then she heard springs squeaking. Your cunt is so tight,» a man groaned. Fuck me with your big cock, Daddy,» a woman urged him.

It gets harder every time you put it in my pussy. Stunned, Felicia’s immediate reaction was to flee. But her feet would only move in one direction. As Felicia silently drew closer, the figures on the bed seemed to jump out in the darkness. It was as if her eyes were casting a light on them that only she could see. And suddenly, Felicia could see everything.

Peter was sprawled on top of her own protégé, Cindy Moon. His bare ass was bobbing up and down between her spread thighs. The squishing of his pumping cock in her damp pussy sounded like waves lapping against the shore. Give it to me, Daddy,» Cindy moaned, her young voice squeaking and straining immaturely. Fill me full of hot jizz. Felicia could see the cheeks of Peter’s ass clenching as his cock lurched in Cindy’s cunt.

In her mind, she pictured the white cum spurting, thought she could hear it hissing. Peter had always come so much when he was with her—did Cindy even have room for all of it? Felicia looked away, trying to free herself from the obscene spectacle. But she found herself staring into an all revealing mirror that covered the wall like the side of a dance studio. Not only was she confronted with the reflection of her ex and her would-be conquest fucking, she was forced to stare into her own ashen face. Felicia braced herself against the mirror, breaking her hands of what they wanted to do, to touch, by plunging them against the cool surface of the glass, but still watching herself watch Peter fuck Cindy.

She’d intended much the same for herself: strap on a cock, mount the little witch, fuck her brains out and watch those surprisingly well-appointed breasts fly as she tried to take it. Felicia had been working on Cindy for ages, plying her, seducing her, earning her trust, and now Peter had just whipped out his big cock and Cindy was his bitch, as stupid as Felicia had been. Peter’s manhood withdrew from Cindy’s pussy, glistening even in the half-light. Cindy grabbed for it, giggling when it slipped from her hands. She was playing with it, rubbing her own juices into it, delighting in how long it took her small hands to travel over its immense length. And still she didn’t appreciate that cock half as much as Felicia would have. If only Peter weren’t such a bastard, such a goody-two-shoes, if only he’d whip it out for her instead of some know-nothing newbie.

Finally, Cindy jumped to her knees. Peter’s prick couldn’t escape now. She was stuffing it into her mouth, keeping it hard with a blow-job. Felicia watched, disbelieving, as its equally immense imprint traveled Cindy’s bulging cheek and slid to the back of her throat. Cindy gagged, she sputtered, but Peter’s member kept going in, until Felicia could see the swan-like delicacy of Cindy’s throat distended by the monster entering it. You can’t stand to see my prick soft, can you?

Cindy responded with sucking noises. Her lips wriggled down the shaft of Peter’s cum-slicked cock. Her nostrils were flaring as she tried to breathe, and Felicia could only imagine how Peter’s crotch smelled to her, filled with cum and covered with it too, his and hers. Peter flopped back on the bed, moaning. Oh, eat me, baby, eat me! Felicia’s view in the mirror was unblocked. Cindy’s mouth stroked Peter’s hard-on. Her hand squeezed Peter’s balls, while the fingers of the other massaged his asshole. Felicia didn’t know if she wanted to be fucking Cindy’s face or on the receiving end of the same fuck. Peter got hotter and hotter. He could no longer be passive. Let me fuck you in the mouth,» he said to Cindy.

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